YouTube's Passion for Superheroes ft. Comic Drake and Owen Likes Comics | Superhero Project Podcast Issue #5

As Danny, Torsten, and Caleb are busy with work, Mikayla sits down with the wonderful Owen Farrington and Drake McWhorter! Owen, a fellow PhD researcher, runs and operates the YouTube channel Owen Likes Comics, where they focus on uncovering the history of and behind superhero comics. Drake, a long time content creator, explores avenues of comics that deeply fascinate him and explains it to the audience in the clearest possible way. Join us as we talk about Superhero discourse on YouTube, what academia could learn from the YouTube space, and books that drive our passion. 

The Enduring Myth of Superman ft. Phillip Kennedy Johnson | Superhero Project Podcast Issue #4 

In this special, Danny Graydon and Mikayla J. Laird celebrate the 85th anniversary of Superman by interviewing the phenomenal Phillip Kennedy Johnson. In this special, we ask Johnson about his favourite moments in Superman history, the challeneges of writing such an important character, and just how influenctial the Christopher Reeve incarnation of Superman truly is. 

The Variant Cover ft. Bruno Porto | Superhero Project Podcast Issue #3

On this edition, DG is away leaving Torsten, Caleb and Mikayla to interview the phenomenal Bruno Porto. Bruno discusses his fascinating research into superhero comic covers and the changes that have happened across the years. 

Regarding the MCU | Superhero Project Podcast Issue #2

In the second episode, the Steering Group reflect on 15 years of the MCU and the impact it has had on Superhero discorse. 

The Books That Brought Us Here | Superhero Project Podcast Issue #1

In the first episode of the Superhero Project Podcast, the Steering Group discusses the academic superhero texts that started our journeys. These are the texts that built built the foundations of the Superhero Project and the International Superhero Society.