The Superhero Project is dedicated to bringing further attention to Superhero studies through diverse voices across the world. In addition to the annual Superhero Conference, The Superhero Project are proud to host three different avenues for publishing. Super Cultures, The Superhero Journal and our own guest editorial pieces The Watchtower. All three are currently in production, with each serving a different purpose.

The flag ship text of our organization, the first volume functions as both a developed conference proceedings, as well as an edited collection with distinct thematic groupings that provides a snapshot of contemporary scholarship relating to one of the most popular genres of fiction in the world, from an internationally diverse array of academic, Super Cultures is intended to be the primary and ongoing publishing outcome of the conference.

The introductory volume is co-edited by Danny Graydon and Torsten Caeners, with a spectacular array of chapters:

  • The Tyranny of Utopia by Alex van Ommen

  • Campbell or Vogler? Guidlines for their use in Understanding the Contemporary Hero and the Community by Eva Thury

  • The Superheor Film in the Neoliberal Age by Robert Hyland

  • Heroes in Crisis by Karen Surgue

  • Platonist Reflections on the Darkest Knight by JG Ducreux

  • The Darkest Knights: Negotiating the Boundaries of Violence in Batman, 1986-1996 by Danny Graydon

  • Leather Wings and Broken Things: The Cycle of Trauma and The Comparison Between Batman and Robin by Mikayla J. Laird

  • The Dark Right Rises: Bat-Manhood, Populist Heroism and Ubermensch Aesthetics in Sublime-Uncanny Cinema by Caleb Turner

  • Arkham Asylum: The Core of the Complex Network of Anti-Rehabilitative Power by Ewald Fruhberger

  • Ready Player One and the New Mirror Stage: Superheroes, Virtual Reality and the Ideal-Self by Jessica Hoffman

  • Masks, Values and Society Evolution of Superheroes and Anti-Heroes since the Dark Age by Marco Favaro

  • "It's a Strange World. Let's Keep It That Way" - Warren Ellis and the Dominance of New Sincerity Superheroes by Rafael Azevedo

  • The Superhero Logo by Bruno Porto

  • Tony, Steve, Absolute Responsibility and the Uncertain Certainty of Death, Derridean Responsibility in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Torsten Caeners

  • Cutting, Pasting and Gatekeeping. Adapting Marvel's Superhero Comics for the Finnish Audience by Laura Antola

  • Daredevil, Review of the Nemesis by Matteo Barbagallo

  • Thanos - The Machiavellian Hero by Svenja Kolpack

More information will follow shortly, though this first edition is sure to be a spectacular read!

The Superhero Journal

The Superhero Journal is currently in production. An editorial board, consisting of many hard hitting academics has been assembled, so expect to hear more soon!

Intended as an alternative avenue for publication, the Online Showcase shows off the academic work of our members that is not featured in either the Superhero Journal or Super Cultures. While all relate to Superhero study, you will find a broad mixture of ideas by talented and passionate writers. Each of these papers are edited by our Steering Group, but bring something wholly unique to the field.

We encourage delegates and members alike to submit peices based on ongoing research. As the Superhero Project's core intent is to promote and further the field of Superhero research, we will be looking to add to this frequently. All papers will have the option to either be free to all, or only available to Superhero Project members.

To submit for The Watchtower, please email or with the subject title ONLINE SHOWCASE. More information to follow.